I think I've found my people.


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I currently don't call myself an incel, yet so far I agree with the majority of incel rhetoric I've read. I think that over the past 40 or so years the vast majority of women have been systematically conditioned by the media and various changing social factors, into becoming self righteous ungrateful entitled whores who think they're too good for any man who isn't off the cover of a playgirl magazine, or "chads" as you'd call them.

I believe the modern "dating game" is a grotesque act that underscores how low we've fallen as a species. It consists of a woman making a man think he has a chance with her solely for the purpose of leading him on long enough to suck one or more free dinners out of him plus whatever else she can get, then she ditches the poor sap and rips his heart out in the process like it's nothing.

I've never had a date, and I've been rejected many times. The closest I've ever came was getting friendzoned by weird ugly chicks and even that didn't last long.

So would you say I'm one of you or not? Any response is appreciated, even if you just tell me to fuck off.


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TV and movies are the source of it all. People only hire good looking people for roles except for the odd ugly stupid person to make fun of. In FRIENDS they would look out their window at 'ugly naked guy' and make fun of him. Why should they make a point of calling him ugly? because this is out of the ordinary for the TV world. This is sick. The entire cast should be showered in my acidic urine daily. People have been conditioned to see ugly people as non people. We aren't part of their fake little FRIENDS dream world. THeir hearts sink when they see us in the street. They would feel depressed for us but not want to know us. We aren't Joey and Rachel! Oh let's go sit around in a coffee house like Ross and Phoebe and fuckwitz. Let's live the SEX AND THE CITY life. Let's all fuck till our holes are flabby buckets of leather and we all have AIDS. Yeah. Bring on the AIDS. You love it Kim Kattrall. Your AIDS!


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Your experience is incel-tier tbh.

Anyways, even normans can take part as long as they are blackpilled, so you fit in perfectly from your story IMO.


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Tbh I think the problem, albie, is narcissism. And that TV increases the amount of narcissism in society.

Tbh I'm probably a level 7 narcissist. I think the problem is that women, on average, are giganarcissists who are over 9000 narcissists. So narcissist they have the shit on lock-down and you can't even question any of the bullshit they say. So they will criticize you for being a level 7 narcissist, ignoring the fact that their narcissism is so off the charts it literally broke the scale.

So they point out flaws in me like "muh toxic personality" and ignore the log in their own eye (or, log in their ass as it were, if Jesus was alive in 2019 as it may be.)