I saw a meme on reddit, a guy completing some games

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There is a meme hat I saw today, a guy completed senior, dark souls 1, 2, and 3 and in the meme there was this “virginity is cool meme”(you guys know the meme right?) the meme is claiming that the person that completed this game has no life and the person USB a virgin because he is putting lots of time in this video games, why should the person be called a virgin? He is being called a virgin because he is playing video games a lot.
That reminds me of the time that Henry cavill recorded himself building a pc and women in the comment section we’re going on about how it is so nerdy and they are liking nerdy stuff, some of those women didn’t care about the hobby before, if ITV was an average looking guy that posted a video of himself building a pc, those women will not watch him only people that want to build pc and pc building enthusiasts will watch him.
I will upload the picture but now the battery on my phone is low.

TLDR: a guy got memed and called a virgin because he completed(100%) some difficult games.

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Any male that is unattractive cannot ever win in life, these normfags will make your time on earth hell till you snap and go rambo on their dumbasses. I hope they can deal with the consequences after. Bunch of fools.


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These same normalfaggots will unironically take offence is somebody rightfully bashes them for invading incel spaces and trying to ruin incel copes (which is what they already are doing with games)