I remember when I had a crush in high school


When I was in 11th and 12 grade, I had a crush on a girl and there was a guy that was telling me that the girl had a crush on me and he will try to give me “proofs” to show that she’s had a crush on me. After having a huge crush on her on the 11th grade and I entered the 12th grade with her, I decided to tell her that I am attracted to her, I have decided what to say, and what to do I then sat down beside her, I took her friends seat An as I sat down she went to sit somewhere else, the hope I hope from friends proof got crushed because I immediately knew she didn’t have a crush on me.

TLDR: I tried telling my crush that I like her and sat beside her and tried to tell her then she went to sit somewhere else.


A fake world is a lot less painful than the real 1
So she got up without saying a word? Brutal.


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Having a crush never ends well for incels.


Been there, done that and got embarrassed by the whole school, gave mutual friend letter to her as he said that she liked me and we were cooking partners in home ec. School bully was given said letter and spoke it out loud to the whole assembly. I left school not long after. I was giving the friend money to so he would be nice to her for me, fuсking arsehole.


It was in the last years of high school that schizophrenia began to kick in. It started with delusions where I was convinced that certain girls were infatuated with me, even though there was no real reason for me to think so. That led to some embarrassing situations, I got overconfident for a while and got cruelly turned down.