I Previously was slightly soyed on the topic of when foids start being Wh0res


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Until last night, when a random memory popped into my head. It was from middle school, and I think I was in a music class. But basically, a foid was giggling and talking to a chad lite and ”teehee I’m not a slut”-ing her way into convincing the guy that she wasn’t being fingered and spraying grool all over the movie theater seat the other night by a random guy. Even if they did date, the bitch probably broke up in a week and sucked and fucked 30 other guys by now. The bitch was 13, I was 14 and still playing Pokemon, trying to catch all the legendaries.

Not to mention the time I was walking through the hallway in high school to go to the bathroom, and saw a foid trying to imitate a stripper dance on one of those poles they have between doors. Or the time I saw a girls tit (which was pretty sweet) when she flashed her friend in the hallway.

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Yea, whores start young bro, when foid is 13 she's already taking pipe up the hole, when i was 13 I was probably just playing on my skateboard or something normal that kids do, tbh I wasn't even thinking about sex at 13

Remember if she breaths she's a THOT, even at 13.


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Starts even younger.

A year before puberty a girl I used to know would press her chest on my back while I was crouched napping on a stair step. During/after puberty another girl would "accidentally" bump her breasts on my young smelly from sweat(a jock) chad classmate and be all giggly and flirty with him. Some of us would witness it and he would talk about it. This happened in a strict christian school.