I need to buy this !


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I dont think its virtue signaling, I think incels really do care about women, if they could trust a woman and actually feel the love from a woman. But women go for chads that dont care instead.
They only care about the few good women, not the hypergamous chad chasing wh*res.


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I want to have two hug pillow
one of darkness from konosuba series and other of Scáthach from fate grand order


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lordoftheincels said:
Who cares what bigot foids think. Let him cope. Jfl if you think bigot foids dont look down on sexdolls too.
I don't think he's coping, no one can really be that cucked. It seems more like a bad attempt at virtue signalling to foids on what a "sweet guy" he is.
It can't be virtue signalling if I haven't told any body irl that I do this I was just sharing my cope. I think fuсking a rubber woman is much more cucked than just hugging a pillow. In my mind spending all that on a sex doll is even more desperate and puts roast beef pusѕy on an even higher pedestal than simps already put it on but that's just me.