i love women


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i love women, if only if only they'd love me.

Feeling my heart thumping strangely while writing this. I feel my heart wrenching in agony over the years of brokenheartedness I've had to endure.

Even after all of this, I still love women. I love 2d women and 3d women. I like cartoon women, anime women, 3d women in games. I even like some real-life women on youtube. But the women I cannot stand, are women on mainstream TV.

I cannot stand women I see on mainstream TV. I like alternative women, such as EQG women. To me, EQG women behave like natural feminine women.

The women on mainstream TV dont even seem attractive to me. Their personalities are even worse than their looks. They seem like some nugender of women...they dont seem feminine and nurturing. But they dont act masculine or cool either. Nor are they as cool as robots. They dont act like playful nymphs. The closest thing they remind me of, is some hostile slimy alien lifeform, starting at me with cold eyes, analyzing me. Thats the closest lifeform these nuwomen remind me of.

Its insulting to tell me I need to change my personality, when these nuwomen are boring as hell and the only reason I'd date one is because I have no other option. And not all women are like this, it seems like its only the women on mainstream tv that have this kind of standoffish "vibe" to them. I mean, I've been rejected by every woman so far, but not all of them had the standoffish vibe, which is why I approached them in the first place.


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I just hate any tv personalities news readers hosts etc part from weird comedians in. A scripted show unless there on apanel show i just feel like.they are insulting me.