I honestly think being 5'9 with a 6'2 brother robbed me of a life


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You can tell my older brother is my brother from the face, but he grew to 6'2 and has straight legs and a wider frame + 7.25 wrists, he also tans where as I'm pale as phuck and have bowed legs and 6.4 wrists.

He's had regular girlfriends since 14. Good looking ones as well. P.s. he was a full 6'2 at 17 where as I was 5'6 at 17. That really was a low blow of course. I never had a girlfriend until age 27, I had over a decade of rejection behind me at that point, and the one girlfriend I had at 27 was Thai. It didn't last long as she lived in Thailand me the UK and we only met twice, fucked twice. My brother met his future wife on a dating platform, she messaged him first, she was a 6.5/10 and slim. I however only get messaged by landwhales in the 2/10 range, no matter what dating platform I use. The thin 5/10 women ignore me unless I try dating websites with women from S.E Asian countries, and even then its still a numbers game.

Sorry to guys under 5'9 and are truly short for men, but here in Northern England 5'9 is below average if you take into account male's in their 20-40's as I swear they average 5'10.5 > 5'11. Two of my work colleagues aside, every other white male from a middle class background is 5'10+ who i meet weekly. 5'9 is a scrub height, lower classman and so people treat you as such, especially if your average to ugly in face. It utterly creates mental instability. I wear cowboys and it helps, but I have to take them off and its not that people don't notice your have a thick heel. Height is such an apogee with women, that is they see you as more developed mentally, physically, emotionally if your tall.