I have noticed that jews are, sort of, the same scum as the nazis


The jews always claim to hate the nazis, and the jews, being the owners of the media, always portray the nazis as the worst scum in the world. But, how different are the jews form the nazis? looks like not much.

1. The nazis used to claim to be "the chosen race"(arian race), and the jews claim to be "the chosen people"(the chosen religion).

2. The nazis started wars in Europe, the jews started wars in Central America and South America(go and ask Henry Kissinger).

3. The nazis used to own most of the european countries, the jews own most of the media and most of the money banks.

4. The nazis used to support their stupid ideas(arian race as the only race), and jews support their stupid ideas too(feminazis, lbgt, etc.).

5. Adolf Hitler caused the death of millions with his wars, and Larry Silverstein caused the death of millions too with his september 11 plan.

Jews claim to be enemies of the nazis, but looks like they have a lot in common.