I hate all the mind games normies play


Death to fakecels!!!
everytime you want to talk to some fаggot or wh*re you need to have social status first then being a cocksucker for them never talk something negative or they will kick you from their special group being able to humillate yourself for the fun of others, treat Chad like god like if you are a little wh*re, they will treat you like a criminal if you dont follow the same NPC interests hobbies, being a Normie is literally being an NPC and being a Cuck for Chads and wh*res i believe that NPCs are not human but subhuman all their world is superficial and they can be easily manipulated


Card-loving-wizard-wanabee-novelist from Belarus
You've lost me like on the first line, bud. Why exactly you may want to talk with fаggot or wh*re again?