I got nothing to lose ...


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Iam already lost everything ; lost my insanity , loved ones and hope ...
Everyone knows me as a loser , no one loves me :(
I didn't made for this world , my death won't change anything , I won't be remembered ...
Iam all alone and no one said you are worth , I love you
Iam just a worthless wanker yeah .
No matter i do I am always returning where I have started
I just don't know how to change it, just ...
I think my life ended where it have started
There is no love for me in here just fuck life
I don't care about anything anymore and I won't hesitate to put bullet in my head


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dude if you have nothing to lose, then rather argue with chads and stacys IRL, and mock them, you benefit yourself by irritating them, suіcіde is not gonna make things better for you or for any of us in this community, if you truly got nothing to lose, then make the day worse for ego filled chads and stacys. stay strong superior gentleman!


Locally undesired.
lordoftheincels said:
id recommend not going ER, it will make us look bad. My advice is to write a book about your miserable life, then spam it till you get rich.
This dude is right about not going ER. Also just try to find a cope if possible, to distract yourself with.