I found a female friend


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I don't know guys I'm confused. I've on a couple of meetings with that girl that told me from the start that she's not looking for a boyfriend. Nevertheless we are having a great time with each other. Yesterday we made dinner together and it was really funny and uplifting. I even held her hand for a second, not intentionally just happened naturally. And she's really j to that friendship because she often messages me to ask how I'm feeling or what I am up to. Feeling motivated and lucky that I met her


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Don't expect anything more than a friendship if she already turned u down. But if u enjoy her company and if it's helping u in any way then yes. U should definitely continue to be friends with her, but don't make any moves or hope for something more until a lot of time passes and she gives u a big sign. If u expect to change her mind now about u then be prepared to lose her even as a friend. Source? Personal experience.