I don't believe in women dating down

Do you believe in women dating down?

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EteRnal Evil.
Seriously. I can't believe it happens. Maybe it effectively doesn't happen.

What I do see daily is regular cute midget females paired with Chad, teeheeing Stacies walking hand in hand and short ugly landwhales, from dialogues, apparently married to Chadlites and sometimes even Chad.

These whales don't appreciate their partners, treat them like shit, publicly shame them for not idk which reason, perhaps for not being giga-Chad. When I first witnessed that, it felt like a gloat-fuel, but then, well, it came to my mind that if it's the most Chad could get from settling down, what should I expect? Can't ruin my life when it's already ruined, kek. I don't feel sorry for these Chads, but the situation is terribly unhealthy. Older couples are a lot better looksmatched and seldom quarrel in public, from what I've seen.

Yeah, and then there are those giga-fakeup-frauding Beckies with 2, 3 or even 4 normie orbiter jesters entertaining them along their way, such a disgrace. I don't understand what these guys are hoping for, what they expect to gain from the effort, the time they put in. Maybe, some of them will one day realize how awkward, humiliating, emasculating it looked. At this point I doubt it's good for them to know the truth. They might fail to handle it.

I don't believe in women who date down. In theory, old eendapandand whamanz might betabux a Chadlite, of course, but it's basically prostіtution. The Chadlite will clearly cheat and be right, because prostіtution is not dating.

Never saw a woman dating down.

It makes sense because trolls from r/trufemcels actually believe the female was dating way below looksmatch in the pic related. It's clear they are chasing Chad and believe Chadlite is their looksmatch, but this was like outright mockery, unless the guy in manlet, I didn't bother checking, but in fact IMO the guy mogged her noticeably.

I mean, I knew a guy who looked almost the same way, but was white and he had literally a new GF every other week and two or three online female orbiters at any given moment. Anectodal and not 100% applicable, but that's my experience and it's natural for me to use it for reference. As for the female on the pic, well, she looks pretty good to me, but with that skull, those lips and a hairline like that her male equivalent would end up posting on incel websites by the time he was like 20 after scoring his like 66th rejection.

Cherrypicked examples of women dating down welcome here, it can't only be suifuel all the way.



EteRnal Evil.
It wasn't a good idea to assume that this sub isn't a bait. It's literal mirroring of those memeing "inkels", but without any evidence. Such a joke.


Incels.Net Master
Cunts always make you walk on eggshells around them. Making you feel like a despicable butler who is afraid to speak their minds.

That's how it was when I dated a fat chick, anyway. Talking to her about a business project of mine. Her monitoring my microaggression, monitoring my "tone" of voice. Twisting innocent things I said into something hostile. Claiming I was a narcissist for asking her to help me with my project. When she was the narcissist.

Even when she kissed me, it was her dominating me. I wasn't allowed to go for the kiss. Had no choice or power, just had to wait around for her to decide to kiss me on her own.

Then the next day she ghosts me for 30 days. Ignoring all my communication. Then gets back online as if everything was good and all smiles again, like nothing she did was wrong. Asked me when can we hang out again. I responded nicely, hiding my bitter anger. I said sure, where do you want to go? Then she ghosts me again for a week, finally I lose my cool and give her an attitude, I call her a fat bitch then she perma-blocks me forever.

This is also a repetitive pattern. Cunts act interested and in love with me. Then the next day change their minds and dump me for no reason. Can't trust anyone and I have every reason to be a bitter person. I clench my fist at the world in seething rage.

Also the only reason she dated me was because I put on a fake persona of confidence, acting loud, proud, and American.


Incels.Net Junior
There's no such thing as "Dating down" Thats ridiculous. People date who they enjoy dating. Be it aesthetic, romantic, or sexual attraction.