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I read the article published in The Cut about the plastic surgeon promising men he can turn them into 'Chads' and found it disturbing, for many reasons, but the biggest sticking point was just how ADORABLE the men were who are desperate for these surgeries. They don't need facial reconstruction, they just need a basic skin care routine and some social therapy.

Changing how you look on the outside will never make you feel the self-worth you lack. Never.

I'm offering my comprehensive 5-step program to help you achieve your goals; whether it be in dating, relationships or general self-esteem.

This path you are currently on is not going to get you what you want or feel you deserve, but I have a proven system that will.

Please email me at thedudedoctor at gmail for more information and see if we're a good fit to begin counseling.

All inquiries are confidential.


lordoftheincels said:
most likely a troll, real doctors would have their own website.
Hes selling a program that prob wont work because this kinds of things arent regulated.