"I am very respectful to females. Will this help?"


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Pay attention to this comment especially:
"A good personality is more important than good looks. A hot guy who is a jerk will have a hard time finding dates because he is a jerk."

This honestly disgusts me. Imagine being a such a cruel piece of ѕhit that you try to give this poor truecel false hope by making claims that literally couldn't be more ridiculous.

He will think to himself: "If looks aren't important and I can't get laid, it must be my own fault." which will result in him falling into a deep spiral of self-loathing and eventually lead him to the rope.

Taking the blackpill is benefitial to incels, because it assures us that we're not responsible for our inceldom and we don't need to feel bad about ourselves for being incels. Something you should think about @GeraltOfRivia.