I am an orbiter


I am who I am and I can be no other
I orbit a foid that I'll never stand a chance with on Instagram and I am eager to like her pictures so she knows I like her. I sometimes comment and them as well. She only likes my pictures because that's how Instagram works; you scroll and double tap every picture on the feed. She never really even saw the pictures probably (maybe only for a second or 2). I stare at her photos and save them because I'm a weirdo. In my mind, I relive the moment I hugged her over and over again. I should have kissed her neck, but then she probably would have reported me to HR and I would've been jailed for sexual harassment. I cannot remove lustful images of her out of my mind that she put there. One time at work I asked her if she uses a vibrator and she said she has a dildo/vibrator in one and has lube as well. I was LARPing the whole time I worked with her -- pretending I was someone who got pussy regularly. She was soooooo close to sending me solo videos of herself, but she got a boyfriend and forgot me. But I still orbit her like the subhuman trash I am.

gna rope. brb.


I am who I am and I can be no other
tremor said:
At least orbit more than one female then tbh.
I did find one foid whom I once knew and followed her on IG. I sent her a message, "hey blablabla" but she ignored it and then blocked me. Brutal. She used to be my looksmatch back in the day when I wasn't so ugly and she was a bit less pretty. Then she somehow got prettier (mayb makeup?)


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Honestly, its not fair that they put those images out and complain when we act "entitled". Its as though they have absolutely no empathy to what theyre putting us through


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Find something better to do with your time bub... Life is short... Read a book, play a game, get drunk at home, something else... You want to forget about her, find some HOT porn and love yourself 6 times a day! I guarantee youll find more fun things to do with your time...


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If she has a boyfriend just wait until she breaks up with him and then try your luck but be careful at the same time.


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At least you get that. With the exception of obese people, women don't even "friendzone" me.