I’ve just swallowed the Tinder black-pill


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Have tried my luck with Tinder, with no success of course. All it took was a glance at how my stepsister, who is actually a near-Stacy (maybe a 7 or an 8), selected guys for me to figure out that my chances were nil instead of somewhat perhaps existent. She would literally swipe left on chads and near-chads because of some minor, negligible defect. And that’s mostly all there was, mind you, presumably because all the betas have left, thus Chad is the only one left to compete. Oh, also, you might be familiar with that icon that displays the likes you have, the one you have to pay to unlock? She got +99 likes (the max displayable) in less than 30 minutes.
It’s real, it’s palpable, it’s the black pill... and I’ve swallowed it. Shoot me.