Hypocrisy of females


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I am legitimately confused at how some women can be such hypocrites. I cannot stand these hypocritical cunts that get online and act so righteously, and 9 times out of 10 it's a woman. I don't hate all women, but I hate more than I should because I associate most women with these hypocritical cunts I see online daily.

A girl on a discord I visit recently posted the following screenshots from a feminist facebook group she is in for the lols:


The first is about the recent NZ shooter, and how it is mostly men that are defending the shooter. Absolute bullshit. I've seen just as many women defend the shooter online and be islamophobic in real life and online as men. This cunt is acting so holy, but is trying to use an awful disaster to push her agenda that (men) are horrible. And the cunt in the comments saying she won't be able to sleep tonight, can't stop crying and feels sick - give me a break you rat, you were sucking a guy's dick 10 mins after you posted this. Shit like this happens daily in other countries but that doesn't stop you from sleeping, but you don't care. And the cunt saying she can't comprehend the amount of hate someone can have, maybe because you live in an idyllic world and the only thing you have to worry about is some dude spreading his legs too far apart on a bus.

The second is about some rat giving a homeless woman $5. She wants validation for giving a homeless person $5. The only reasons you did this were a) for validation from others, and b) because it was a woman - if it was a homeless man you would have clutched your purse and ran off as far as possible. The facebook group was started by some cunt who spent $10k+ on a boob job and idolises the Kardashians, and is full of other women that do the same. If you cared about people so much then you wouldn't spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on vacations, clothes and beauty treatments, and give your money to people who actually needed it rather than millionaires and billionaires, and spending it on frivolous shit.

Sorry if this is a bit ranty, new user and first time I've posted or commented in an incel group. I browsed reddit for a while, but fuck that place.

More examples of women's hypocrisy: https://www.quora.com/What-do-people-mean-when-they-accuse-feminists-of-hypocrisy-for-wanting-equality-but-only-on-their-own-terms-Can-you-list-a-few-example-of-why-this-would-be-considered-hypocritical

And just google "incel" and the first things that come up are blog posts written by women living a perfect life complaining about people typing mean words on the internet, meanwhile you know they are absolute cunts in real life. Fuck I want to die and leave this shitty planet.


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Most women have no credibility, they say “where are all the good men” but they routinely reject legitimately decent nice guys because they aren’t at least an 8/10.

They say they want to be treated like queens and goddesses and with respect but they routinely go for the chads who treat them like garbage, they do this because it’s frmale nature, most women would rather be treated like garbage as long as it’s a hot guy instead of treated like a queen with an ugly guy.

More times than not, women are irrational. They freely give their bodies to these ungrateful men while the real decent guys are left to drool and dream of having them.