How you cope on never having kids?


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These days most women just want extra child support. Gotta becareful the system favors them.


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Already noticed a trend of single mothers at the age of 30+ with 2 or more kids. Still looking for guys,but no man wants to be with them. Yet they still refuse to date anything but a chad. There gonna die alone and I know at least 3-4 like this. Only thing these days to do is enlighten the youth by pointing it out. We may never find anyone but future incels might be lucky.


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The idea of never having kids devastates me but is the reality, i cope in thinking preventing more people live will stop more suffering


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Kids are nothing but trouble , and I am very glad no lesbian wants to marry me to have kids ......We live in a brutal world of enforced heterosexuality and having Kids does not make sense.................


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I don’t really care about kids, I just want to do kinky things with a girl who waited for me.

Furthermore nothing in the universe is permanent, the destiny of all lineages is extinction. Evolution is just things going extinct at different moments in time.

Wow I am both extremely short sighted and incredibly far sighted at the same time. Weird.