How to Hook Up in 10 Steps (MEN AND TOILETS GTFIH)


For The Toilets:

Step one: Don't be fat

Step two: Put on some makeup and style hair

Step three: Choose a cute outfit

Step four: take photos of yourself in cute poses

Step five: Post them on social media

Step six: See all the likes and positive reactions

Step seven: leave your home

Step eight: Go to the club

Step nine: Choose a man you want

Step ten: take him home and have sex

Now here's the Men Version:

1- Be born with Good face Genetics
2- Be born with Good hair Genetics
3- Don't be under 6ft tall
4- have a good body
5- have a good frame
6- under 16% body fat
7- have a manly deep voice
8- go to the club
9- Be choosen by the women
10- Fuck them in every way you want that they won't let there husband do to them


Incels.Net Junior
Toilets huh? Lol, I used to call my actual toilet "Juventus" (a football club's name that I hate) at home, but now I think I should start calling it "female" instead.

"Excuse me for a moment, I have to take a piss on the female"

Sounds good imo.


The Incel of Incels
I actually took a female friend to the club when I was 20. She was a 2 at best. We weren't dating or anything. A guy (maybe a 6 or 7) moved in her while we were dancing and by the end of the night I was dropping them both off at his apartment. A week later she couldn't even remember his name

rev van mev

I'd seriously at least wait to see if current social and political infrastructure stabilises and the toxicity goes away before dating. Its a fucking longshot that it ever actually will, but its a better alternative to seeking evil overgrown brats that demand nothing short of being worshipped. They hate incels anyway.