How the fuck am I supposed to cope with having no friends and no girlfriend


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i personally find that friends are a burden, i kinda cut contact with mine (covid helped). i want a gf not friends.

friends are suifuel, trust me brocel. hanging out with them as incel is ERfuel, bc you'll be seeing couples, seeing them get attention from girls while you never do, etc. also hear about their girlfriends... its better to just cope on your own :noluv:


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Seriously 95% of you guys at least have friends and no girlfriend I on the other hand don’t have either one SO MUCH SUIFUEL AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I have NO friends in life either. I used to have alot of friends five years ago but I had to get rid of them because many were fake, others were ѕhit friends and others were a bad influence to my life so now the only people I talk to are people in internet forums JFL.

My life is bittersweet now because I have alot of free time and the freedom to do whatever I want, but I have nobody to text or hang out with so it's kind of depressing.

Have you considered going to the gym and getting your looks up? Building that kind of hobby will definitely boost your life..

Also join communities or social groups that you're interested in. It's always helped me.