How tall are you guys?

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I can't find pants that reach my ankles and poke new holes in my belt because nothing fits me. I probably look 180 pounds because of how baggy my shirts are. Don't even get me started on finding shoes in size 14 US mens


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5'7'' in my country it's not that bad, there are plenty of chads with my height here. So it's not exactly that what makes me an incel, it's my ugly ass face.

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Average height for men

Samora 5'11
Ireland, Europe and New Zealand 5'10
Canada, Australia, Chad, UK, Tonga and US 5'9
Jamaica, Zimbabwe and Kenya 5'8
Singapore, Ghana, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Malta 5'7
Malaysia and South Africa 5'6
India and Nigeria 5'5
Philippines and Sri Lanka 5'4

Europe: Ireland, Malta, UK
Caribbean: Jamaica
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga
Asia: India, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Chad, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Rwanda, Ethiopia

Average height for women
Samoa 5'6
New Zealand and Tonga 5'5
Canada, Ireland, Chad, Australia, US and UK 5'4
Kenya, Singapore, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malta 5'3
Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Nigeria 5'2
Malaysia 5'1
India and Sri Lanka 5'0
Philippines 4'11


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178cm. Seems like average for males in my country, however i still feel like a dwarf compared to most of my friends


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6'1" (185cm) but a bit chubby (yes, I should improve myself, for my own sake not cos it'll make a real difference to foids)


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5 11. It's not my height more the fact I'm skinny as a somalian meth head on a diet that seems to be the issue. Even 6 months of gymmaxxing later I'm still kinda scrawny.
Same with me but I gain it all in my tummy and face and not in my arms and chest were it would make me more attractive. I'm 5'10" or maybe 5'9 1/2 since I've gotten older. It's never been an issue with women as far as I know. I'd like to steal away a women 5'11" from her middle-aged former Chad hubby. Hehehe. Joke joke lang. But really, that may be the one time it is an issue.


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6'3 but 155 pounds, if height is important to women, I wonder why I've never been even kissed or liked yet
One of my best friends is 6'4" and I've never seen women express interest in him. He says when he taught English in Turkey, he had a few girlfriends. Maybe but I smell bullshit. Very socially awkward guy. Left Canada in his early 20's probably around 170lbs and came home well over 350lbs. Tend to think he spend most of his time in his crappy apartment over there playing video games and watching tv. You don't get that fat if you are going to the beach every weekend.