How many of your friends and community (brothers neighbours etc. have gfs?


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I don't have friends. My neighbor is an old italian whose wife died recently.


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I don't even look at those normfags.(referring to the neighbors). As for the "friends", they've all had at least one girlfriend.


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Half the ppl I know have gf's, bf's. I'm jelly.


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I still have contact with the guys who grew up with me in my neighborhood
- the first one because became a real MTGOW, he have a expensive car and works a lot , he can date a lot of women but most of the time he pay young escorts
-the second one was marrieded with a extreme hot chick , she worked fulltime as a model , on her birthday he gave her a motocycle, however last year I have discovered that they have divorceded
-the third one is marrieded, I thought they already have at least one child because he always wanted to have a child but I have discoreved that they don't have any child yet for some reason I don't know


The whole lane is married, with the exception of Chuk and Gek, the twincels. Also uncle Oldcel. Too many homelesscels to count. Maybe that is all.


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All of them have girlfriends, infact, rarely am I surrounded by individuals who arent in a relationship.

Being friends with chads is a bitter sweet thing. I met these guys when I was younger and Im kind of grateful that they still invite me out about twice a year (its not much because they all have girlfriends and are busy), but I still get amazed by the blackpills I experience when I am out with them, not surprised, because obviously chads get that treatment, but just amazed because I am a foreigner to it and it looks so easy for them It reinforces my belief that personality aint ѕhit.

Even though I go out with these chad friends, it doesnt boost my look at all, infact, I am totally ignored by foids.
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I have no friends and everyone in my family that isn't old is single, as for my neighbors they're all in their 40s and 50s married, and for my community it seems like all of the foids are in a relationship while a great number of men are single.


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i dont have friends anymore but this one ethnic from work i played games online with said he never needed to date because he had a marriage arranged for him after graduation ... idk if he was lying bc he was really a currycel or if it’s true

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I don't have friends and my brother who is my only peer in my family is actually just as unfortunate as I am. He doesn't have a girlfriend.


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I don't have friends, but all my cousins have girlfriends and wives. I'm the only one who's single


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My friend who became my best-man that baptized me had a fiance which called me a retаrd out of nowhere then she cheated on him and he is now with his new GF for 2 years. My other three friends had gfs but they are single for more then a two years and they are red pilled and are attractive but they do have schemes with foids that want them which starts the contact with them. I dont have any foids as friends nor i ever had them.