How many of you are virgins?


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I am not. But my first time was with a drunk cocaine-snorting 4/10 who wouldn't stop farting. My second time, I had to pay a prostіtute. She was decent looking but I couldn't see past the fake act to gain any pleasure.

I've had a few other encounters with 4 - 5/10s and I once kissed a 7, but that pretty much sums up my experience. My experiences are pretty few and far between.

I understand some of you are virgins, so don't take this as bragging. I'm just wondering whether I should consider myself lucky/unlucky relative to others here.
How old were you when you had these encounters?


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I am a 32y old virgin. Still now wizard powers though :D .
As for my experiences, I did had a one night stand (with no sex ofc) with 3 girls in my life, last occasion was 13y ago.

First I kissed was when I was 16. A girl was a solid 5. Her friends were persuading me to do it for months saying she was into me. You know, a New Years party with bunch of drunk kids. I didn't do anything other than drinking gallons of bear to get courage, approaching her, grabbing her waist and tongue fucked her mouth :D . That's how it goes when you're early teen. So angry at myself for not using that era of my life better for that matter. I broke up with her next day cuz I didn't wanted a 5 :( . If I only knew then what would I become now.

Second one happened when I was 18. I ѕhit you not when I say she was a 9. How it happened to an incel? Well, she wanted to make her boyfriend (who was one of my best friends at a time) jealous after a fight they had when we were at some other friends 18th b-day. She took me to the bathroom when he was watching and locked the door. She knew I liked her. Boy, what an hour that was and boy did we make out that time. I can still project myself there. Even though I was very drunk, I still remember every detail. Probably the best night of my life. Yeah, I am a shitty friend to say that. Guess that explains why I don't have any now.

Third, and last, happened when I was 19 and it was the last time I had a "night out". It was a first year of college when some femoids I had lectures together persuaded me for going to some reggae party. That one was a solid 7. We were both high and drunk, she "jumped" on me and I didn't resist ofc. That was also the closest I was to sex, as she wanted me to follow her to her apartment, which I did, but I didn't come in even though she invited me. Don't know why. I guess I was afraid, though I don't remember clearly. She was so cold to me next time we met at college in three days and onward. I quit that college very soon too.
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