How many of you are considering surgerymaxxing?


Personally i'm not considering it. I have a hump in my nose that makes me uglier than i would need to be. However i can't currently afford to get a nose-job. Even if i could, i'm 32 years old now, and i think it's truly OVER for me, nose-job or no nose-job. It wouldn't change anything.

Even if i got my perfect nose, i would still be alone. It wouldn't make any female decide to initiate anything with me. I think i'll save the little money i have for copes, and basic needs.

How about you?



Insanity Pilled
I've really given up hope on surgery maxxxing rn. Maybe I'll consider jaw implant, not because of foids but I want to feel better when I'm looking at the mirror.

These days are hard for us, you need to be like 8+/10 to be a Chad. One surgery isn't gonna accomplish that.


Yes. I don't expect to do well with women, but I cannot stand my sub-par features and they need fixing for my mental well-being.