How has heavy bullying affected your mental state today?


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For 2019, I've decided I'd barge into the Youtube game a bit and express my thoughts and ideas.

I'm trying to go MGTOW but it's more like ''coping'' my own way at this point, I won't lie to myself. I might escortcel for the rest of my life..

Anyway, I made a video about how some of shitty bullying experiences I had in the past probably affected me more mentally than I would have believed.

It's kinda long and boring tbh but I'm still new at this Youtube thing...

Anyone want some special request or drawings for the next videos? I'm willing to draw some of your stories if anyone has anything interesting to share.


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High effort vid tbh. Drawmogs me to outer space ngl.
Also liked that you started with definition and in general tried to follow a logical pattern while speaking. Didn't notice any bluepill.

Guys here post their their real-life stories and you might find something in the respective subforum. Someone may turn up here. Can take quite a while though.