How did you end up here?


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Title is self-explanatory.

I have chronic eczema which leaves over 50% of my body (including my face, unfortunately) covered in a red rash. Trying to get fit but I know that even if I obtain a Chad body I'll still have this shitty rash. No gf, no friends.

What's your story?


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Basically, when I was a teenager, I was considered attractive by some women and women flirted with me. However I was infected by a toxic mindset known as Christianity and Feminism. I felt ashamed of being male and having a penis and lusting after women. So when a woman would flirt with me I would clam up and feel wrong about existing.

When I finally got the courage to flirt back, she would tell me I waited too long and that she was taken by some guy who wasn't as shy as me.

After about 18 my genetics started to create certain negative effects and twisting my form into less attractive appearance. I no longer looked like an attractive teenager anymore because of my genes. And after that women always treated me cruelly from then point on. And even though I finally overcame my shyness and Christian brainwashing, it was too little, too late. Welcome to Hell.


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Lonely and looking for people who relate to my experiences with really not fitting into what is considered attractive socially. This has led to a lot of bullying, a lot of rejection and really just extreme depression and a lot of suicidal ideation and social isolation. I hope no one relates with some of those things, but I enjoy venting. I've been an incel for a while but I've also felt a bit better lately about my situation so I try to give other guys hope not in that they will get laid, but that eventually accepting being alone and enjoying yourself can be liberating and even joyful at times.


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Virg 22, how I relate to what you say. No friends - always feeling on the outside. I've only just discovered and hope to get insights on my own life, and would like to give a little kindness to fellow lone men.


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I've always thought myself to be an attractive guy, not out of arrogance but just having self-confidence. About six years ago, I gained 3rd degree burn scars on the left side of my face from an accident. I always thought it was no big deal and that women could look past that. Over the years I've learned through a few rough letdowns that to females, looks almost always mattered. I have never been on a date or experienced sexual pleasures. In these recent years, with women being the way that they are now, I've lost hope it'll happen. I think that it is absolutely ridiculous the high standards women have for men nowadays, especially considering what some of them may look like, and isn't it the personality that matters, or whatever they spew as an excuse?


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I have been lonely and depressed my whole life, finally had the courage to ask out my girl best friend. She said yes and then later told me she wasn't "ready" A month later she got asked out by a chad and slept with him within a week of knowing him. I moved on, but all the other girls I have asked out reject me and call me "creepy" behind my back. So I have given up all hope.


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How did I end up here? Well, to be honest, I’m not exactly an incel. I’m just curious to this side of the interwebs. The term ‘incel’ is incredibly new to me, even though I spend a great majority of my time online. I’m curious as to what makes you think the way you do. Why do you think that you’ll never find love? How do you feel about women and why do you feel the way you do? I’m not trying to intrude, I just want to be able to see things from the perspective of how incels see things. Feel free to message me if you want to chat about this and other stuff. I don’t bite... much.


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How did I end up here? Well, to be honest, I’m not exactly an incel. I’m on here purely out of curiosity. Yeah yeah, I know, curiosity killed the cat, but I recently learned about this side of the interwebs and want to learn more. I’m curious as to why you guys think the way you do. What makes you think that you’ll never find love? Why do you feel this way towards women and Chads(?)? Feel free to message me about this or if you just wanna chat. I don’t bite... much.


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Hey guys I'm a new Incel, or should I say confirmed incel?

I'm a older male that has went through life had a terrible time getting with the women I see publicly. For some reason I just can't or won't talk to them. Some people always tell me to take it upon myself to step out, and talk but I know what's going to happen. Most women these days are feminists, or looking for some dude they can hitch with. They want someone that will submit to their will, or their way of doing things. I was married with an Asian wife for over 5 years, and I truly learned what this society is teaching women from their infant ages. It's disgusting actually. I'm glad there is a platform for a person like me. At this point I'm almost 40, and I don't think I'm going to end up with a companion, and truthfully don't need one.

I've been mocked previously in life for being the dude that can't get laid. I'm ok with that because now I don't need to meet anyone's standard for what I can do sexually. Who are they to tell me what i should or shouldn't be doing anyways. I think my ways of thinking as a male has outcasted me from the dating world. I get to a point where I don't even want to bother anymore. I mean what can these women offer me besides their bodies? Sure, there's friendship, but most of the its a smokescreen for their hidden agenda or for whatever they need you for. I'm not going through with that.

I'm glad I've realized its not just me making mistakes, and have finally realized these women are the worst I've seen in years. They could give a f*ck about men and it shows immediately. The way their going with feminism is destroying the social world between man and woman. I think I've kept a balance, and respected them but I've hit a wall at 40, and it doesn't appear to be getting any better. I've done my best to not keep what I feel inside because it could lead to outbursts or someone getting hurt. My main focus lately has been my career or entertainment. Video games also is a big release for me. I try to tell guys not to trap themselves in the mines of female's thoughts because you need your own space to be who you are as a person.

After plenty of years its clear to me that I am a involuntary celibate, and I'm fine with that. I don't need to be called that verbally, but I can tell its what I am. Please leave any constructive thoughts or your ideas on this way of life. Thanks.


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Basically in my very early-mid teens I was quite attractive and used to get alot of attention from girls. then I went through alot of bullying and stress, so basically the stress led to alot of drinking and smoking and insomnia which took its toll on my face, also I put on alot of weight on my face which now appears to have made me ugly to women as women never notice so at 25 I will class myself as an Incel, True forced Lonliness is very painful to deal with, I try to spend time on My hobbies like video games and Music which provides some release, but when i go outside and constantly have to be bombarded with really hot girls and/or couples it really hurts my soul, I do try to work out and eat healthy as well as limiting my stress and trying to get enough sleep, but it seems the damage has already been done, I cant see things getting any better for me, My Family are the only ones keeping me alive at the moment as I still live with them, but they are getting old and when they are gone and I am forced to live a life on my own i have decided i will be ending it all, because when i hit 30+ etc i refuse to subject myself to years of tfl until i am old, hopefully things might change for me in that time but if they dont my plan has been made up


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I'm a tad new to all this. I wasn't sure what an incel was for a while, but decided to look into it further one day. I was skeptical about joining something like this, I don't like admitting there are flaws in my life. I can't say every inch of my life is at the bottom of the well just yet. I do have a decent career, but pay isn't all that well just yet. I'm just a rookie. I've always been one to believe we, as a human race, aren't dealt a perfect deck of cards in life. With that thinking I tend not to pity myself for what is wrong in my life. I rather enjoy the challenge of fixing myself, you could say. That being said, relationships have been one of the hardest things for me. I've always wanted something more in them. I guess I can start at that thinking about why I'm here. Women in general are hard to get along with sometimes, but understanding each other is where I want to begin. Does any of this make sense? I hope so.


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Observer said:
I'm a tad new to all this.
I guess I can start at that thinking about why I'm here. Women in general are hard to get along with sometimes, but understanding each other is where I want to begin. Does any of this make sense? I hope so.
No, go away then.