How did cavemen incels cope????


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I think back and wonder if cavemen incels had any good copes. Did they scrape a bunch of traumatizing "art" onto cavern walls? Did they just rape random sloths and shit? If we have it bad now (even with copes like gym, vidya, forums) imagine how bad they had it.

But tbh at least they could rape and it wouldn't have been considered wrong


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back then LAWS didnt exist... SO the caveman could just hit the chad caveman in the head with a bone and forcefully take his women!! THink about it! The ONLY thing stopping incels from KILLING chads and taking girls is our so-called "civilization", and society laws! If there WERE no laws, I guarantee the most cunning or ferocious or ruthless incels would just TAKE women! But our being considered "civilized" makes that impossible


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The statistic of "1 and 17 male genes reproduced" does not actually necessarily mean incels actually existed. There could be a variety of explanations. Maybe only 1 in 17's offspring survived to adulthood. What if we are all decendents of angry incels. Like chad gets the girl, then other chads fight for the girl. Then normies fight chad after he is weak from the other chads. Then incels fight normie after normie is weak from fighting chad. And the incel ends up getting the girl.


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I’ve explained this in a previous post, back in those times incel weak men simply died off. It was truly an eat or be eaten world.