How common is virginity


Personally, I've gotten no where. Tried to flirt with girls back when I was fifteen, so I guess that was the closest I've gotten.


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Fuck if I know. Most I've done is an awkward dance with a girl who didn't like me and the only reason that whole ordeal happened is because I had friends trying to help me out. I had a girl ask me out but I was still relatively socially awkward (I still am but not as bad as before) so I declined her advances when her friend asked me if I wanted to go out with her because she was too shy to ask me herself. She didn't look like much tbh as she was pretty fat but did share a common interest in anime and shes one of the few people I know who has watched more anime series than I have. Part of me regrets not taking her up on her offer but having her around would of restricted my movement to advancing my career path so sacrifices must be made I suppose.


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Its my fault im incel, that doesn't mean the same logic applies to all incels. People need to get out of their simple minded binary mindset and realize one person's story doesn't apply to everyone, there are many incels who never had a chance, and that it isn't their fault, unlike me.

Basically, when I was a teenager there was a girl who loved me, but I paid so little attention to her that she lost interest in me, I was so stressed out by life I would rarely check my inbox, I was a complete asshole and I cry about it sometimes, now she wants nothing to do with me and I don't blame her, I am truly sorry for my actions, I was crazy and afraid of dating and opening up to another person...

Still, it doesn't excuse the decade of torment afterward that the universe gave to me, it's like fine I may have been a bad person in the past, but the universe is punishing me over and over for something I did in the past, it isn't right. I had mental illness as a teenager and didn't understand the dating game at all, I deserve a second chance now that I am more brave but no, the universe says I fuсking blew it, punishing me for being a teen who didn't know better, a bullied teenager who was a social outcast and afraid of people, afraid of relationships, the universe wants to never ever give me another chance...

That's one reason I don't like religious people, they believe in eternal punishment, they are insane and simple minded...

Sometimes I wonder if my mindset as a teenager is the same as women's mindset, like half-baked, scatterbrained, not really doing things in a coherent terms of relationships hazy, always looking for someone better, never happy with what you got, its said but that's how I was as a teen, only wanting the hottest girls, I've changed and repented since then but the universe doesn't seem to care, just wants to be the fire and brimstone thing, no compassion in this world, how many years must i suffer because of my teenage ignorance, it is cruelty


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ApatheticHaircut said:
I'm a virgin but have had a gf in the past. Made out and touched her ass but wasnt attracted to her
To be honest I ate a girls pusѕy before, didn't really enjoy it I was nervous, wasn't sure it was real love and it was a fish taco. I'm not a fag though, I lust after women just like anybody else, it's just I'm not into oral unless I know she truly deeply loves me, or is some kind of hot dominatrix. As for the sex, still a 40 year old virgin, never actually had an orgasm with the girl I told you about, my life is like 40 year old virgin where right before I get laid some kind of event pops out of nowhere, random phone call, or someone walks into the room and sabotages it from happening, just like in the 40 year old virgin movie, sometimes I wonder if incel is some kind of supernatural thing or a curse, it feels rigged like I'll even get rejected when I'm a perfect fit for a girl and she says I'm good looking, it seems rigged like a scripted event in a videogame. Still though, some of it is just looks, had a girl told me she loved me, and I was her soul mate, yet on our date she wouldn't even kiss me, I guess I lost my youthful looks and need plastic surgery, it isn't fair that 80% of the population gets to experience love and I don't, I'm sick of also these feel good talks about how love will solve everything, it isn't so easy to find love these days for me and anyone who tells me love is the cure to stress needs to be beaten