How are you all this week?


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Earlier on this week when I joined this forum I was having a pretty good time. A new job that I would enjoy lined up, a girl had a agreed to go out with me.

FFWD to today and

1. Didn't get the job owing to someone else having more experience than me (and I have worked there BEFORE)
2. My drivers licence has been officially disqualified. Making not only getting to work impossible but LOOKING for work, meaning no welfare allowance.
3. Girl cancels (she must have heard that I now have no car and no money)

So things are fucking peachy aren't they. I hope you lot are having a better week. If you are having a worse week I will invent teleportation powers, teleport to your door and buy you a fukken drink.


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Life is rigged against incels. It's what I call the incel curse, when it rains it pours and it seems incels always get compounding bad luck, like in those old cartoons that were based in reality, always shows the incel getting rejected then having heaps of bad luck and ACME objects falling onto them.


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My former oneitis finally answered my texts and calls (I thought she changed her number, but she didn't so I sent all kinds of crazy suicidal rants and creepy shit) and told me I was scaring her and to stop texting her because she's living with her boyfriend and doesn't want anything to do with me. Now that I'm blackpilled, it didn't hurt me as much. It's the way life is for ugly people.


tremor said:
A girl need to have agreed before she'd be able to cancel. Mogs me. Also fakecels out.
Sometimes you gotta reschedule. Things happen. I’ve had to stay late at work to finish taking care of my patients many times. Almost everyday.