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Thread for honkler-related content and anything you as an incel find honkpilled, something that brings you carelessness and joy. Vid related.



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Today I was listening to music, it reminded me of an old online transsexual girlfriend I had. I have no idea why the music reminded me of her, the music didn't even have lyrics. Our relationship never panned out, and I never got any sex or romance at all.

I tried to forget about her, this time it was the same. Usually I try to reason it out, I say to myself, sex is reproductive, so why worry about a relationship with 2 dicks. I tell myself I will find someone better, preferably someone with a vagina. Then I tell myself, she is a narcissist that doesn't care about me at all, I should just block her memory from my mind. But I couldn't. I just started to feel hate and rage. She treated me like such shit and garbage when I never did anything mean to her. It felt senseless and vile. I could not accept that someone was so evil and mean. I could not get her out of my mind. She just ghosted me, out of the blue, for no reason, no closure, and didn't even care, like I was absolutely nothing. It just felt like I was a plastic bag, blowing about the breeze, in a world where there is no justice, no morals, just immature assholes going around, with no purpose, no reason, or morality, nor love.

I looked on her facebook to see if maybe she was sorry. Maybe to see if she even loved me at all. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The regular shit-show of complete insanity that she posts. A steady stream of intellectual turds, one-liners, and nigger posting (not racist, not all blacks are niggers.) It's sad to see how white people have turned into niggers (not racist, not all blacks are niggers). Endless low IQ spam and REEEEE posting, reading it feels like the insane asylum for retards. She pretends to be the voice of reason and morality, despite acting like a complete nigger. She seems like one of those transsexuals comfortable being male, because she always brags about how big her dick is and how she wants to thrust it into everyone she sees, everyone except me of course.

This is what society has devolved into. A literal idiocracy like in the movie. It's actually worse, because the idiots in the Idiocracy didn't pretend to be moral. But now, colossal retards and morons act like they are the moral highground of society, the biggest heartless douchebags are the moral gods. Honk Honk. What a fucking joke.

I think I know why I can't get her out of my head. And why no matter how shitty she treats me, I long for her love. I think an analogy explains it all. Imagine one of those 3d space games, and a space station, ran by monkeys, is sitting in the middle of nowhere, just shooting an endless baragge of shit at you. And not at you, but mindlessly throwing shit, incoherently, directed in all 360 degrees. A literal shit-flinging turd in space. So you have two options. Retreat, into the void, or try to dodge all the spam and shit-lasers being thrown at you. And I think that is what it is. My only option is to return to the void, abandon the game, or continue onward into the fireworks of the shitshow.

These people act like literal 4 year olds or 3 year olds, but worse. Like imagine if a 3 year old had no parent to tell it not to shit itself. And it walked around like an ape, shitting and pissing across the whole house, constantly screaming at the top of its lungs. I swear these new modern hipster types are worse than numales. At least numales behave civilized like. No, the 3 year old, 4 year old, that wanders around like a nigger (not racist, not all blacks are niggers), spamming mentally retarded 1 liners all day, these low-effort assclowns are viewed as the moral highground. Honkpill to the max.

Didn't even get to the punchline yet. The punchline was, one of her nazi friends told her she was mental, and that she should kill herself. This immediately sent her into an anti-nazi rage, where she took the moral highground and blocked them, while painting a picture of herself being the voice of reason and morality, claiming that nazis are mentally ill and amoral, acting as if she is perfectly sane, moral, and reasonable. So I clicked the nazis profile. I expected to see something different, but It was litterally the same shit, same retarded one-liner reeee posting as hers. When Sargon of Akkad said "niggers are nazis" i didn't know what he meant till now. The nazi she blocked had the exact same style of retarded, nigger style posting, no wonder they were friends. I bet Hitler is rolling in his grave laughing. This is the hardest I've laughed in many years. I laughed so hard that the cholesterol, that was litterally building in veins, somehow expunged itself through my veins and cleared my veins of the backup. I think of an old Peter Gabriel song where he says "I'd rather trust a man who doesn't shout what he's found." DIdn't know what that song meant till today. The endless spam, one-liner, meaningless shit posting. Some of the nazis admitted to being transsexual, same as she was. Same shit, different wrapper. The nazis were trying to warn the world of how negroes get rid of their dick, to escape the ugliness of being negro male, the irony being that they end up kissing ugly negro males and rope anyway. Sad shit.

Then I go back to some of the femboys in my friendslist, they spam endless hentai memes of hot girls, yet claim to be "gay", then post about how depressed they are. Complete insanity. As usual they seem to fuck everyone else except me, I guess I'm not enough of an utterly retarded degenerate who is amused by their retardation. I don't even view them as real friends, just specimens I look at to see just to measure how far retarded humanity has fallen. Also, the transsexual I mentioned has a cis girlfriend. Seems to me girls are attracted to the person who can act like the loudest biggest retard of all time, except of course when it comes to Trump because you of course have to be a leftist gigacuck for them to want you. Subconsciously its saying you conquered Nature, you look like a pretty female, yet have a dick bigger than all men, and you waste time all day posting shit, garbage, litter, turds, of no substance, and not only this but get endless praise and social validation from it, its like you Win man, you Won against nature, its like the CEO that dumps toxic sludge in a lake, hes conquered, hes Won, nature is his bitch, noone is around to tell him his shit stinks, so women view him as the Champ.

Also, forgot to mention she said inkels are as toxic as nazis. First of all, most incels dont share the views of ER. Second, most nazis did not even approve of the holocaust, some didnt even know it happened probably. But good to know that the shining beacon of human decency and morality that she is, looks down on us pathetic inkels.

Oh yeah, also forgot to mention, everyone on facebook acts either hypermasculine or hyperfeminine (sjw talking about microaggressions etc.) Why can't people just be mentally middlesex, and middlepolitics? Where have all the middle people gone? Why can't there be a synthesis and fusion, of both logic and emotion?