high level of incel asians


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MRAsians said:
you check this out and tell me what to think. how can other race incels possibly compare themself to asian ones

I hear ya. I'm a mongrel so I don't look like your normal white chad. I look strange and ethnic, some say I look asian or middle eastern aryan. But I don't look like a typical white so women don't treat me like one of them. However I'm not sitting through a 2 hour video. I got from the video some white chad got a girls number in front of her boyfriend, doesn't mean anything, I get a lot of girl's numbers or their facebook, yet don't get laid or a date. Asian girls who prefer whites seem like race traitors, their vision of utopia is breeding a bunch of psychotic mongrel incels like Eliot Rodgers, mongrels will usually be treated like outsiders and never get the benefits of an identity, incel is often the end result, such a wonderful vision these women have for the future.