Hey peeps I'm new to the site


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vcelguy said:
ThePantsuGod said:
Hi I'm new If you want to converse with me about anything reply to my post :D
What changed after you accepted blackpilll?
I'm still in the dark about blackpill but I think I already accepted it even before I read Marcus Aurelius.

"From Maximus, I learned self-governance and not to be led astray by anything; and cheerfulness in all circumstances as well as in illness....and to do what was set before me without complaining." Marcus Aurelius Meditations Book 1 Arcturus Pub.


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Ok, I'm new here too. I know I belong here BUT...
Ok I'll start typing and hope not to get banned for saying something wrong. I was trying some other larger forum site where you are supposed to write about yourself. So in the process of trying to do it right and being accepted. I said I wanted to join to have fun. I get a reply: you are banned, we are not here to have fun. But it's for incels.
First of all I'm old, 48 y.o. Second of all, I didn't know what an incel was. Yes, not until I heard it on the News, that two incels in hundreds of thousands killed people. But I don't believe everything I hear on the News. I don't believe all Muslims are terrorists either or whatever the president says about certain people.
I might be able to help some of you younger fellows. So you might not make the same mistakes and maybe go for girls at our level or older ones, heavier ones, etc.
I could also might tell you about "providers". Some time ago I belong to a different type of forum. One where hobbyists rated providers and stuff. Yeah, I got banned from there too... for having fun. What's wrong with having fun, I ask? But now all those type of sites are shut down by the government or heavily censored.
So, I learned all this new language. Now here there is another whole new language of pills and stuff, I see chad and .. whatever. I have to learn the language.
So, I didn't know what a incel was. But I always considered myself a punk. I love punk music and it's attitude and it's truth and message. But I never got into the so called look, tattoos, hair or clothing. I'm not into following trends and stuff.
Another thing, I might not belong here. I have sex anytime I want. Maybe it's because of the area where I live. I live in Los Angles, CA, Hollywood and stuff. But never nothing serious, no dating and stuff. I missed a few opportunities with nice ugly girls back in the 90's. But I wanted what I wanted and failed, many times, until I gave up ... because old guys chasing girls becomes creepy.
So here I am. I'm new. I still want to have fun here.
I don't know if I will be rejected and banned. But if I am
it only proves that I'm an incel
and I don't care because I'm a punk rocker.
So F it.