Heres a story,My "blood brother" was a "Gigachad"


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As a kid growing up, I was ALWAYS an introvert.. I had a deep thoughtful nature, so much so that it was the complete opposite to most kids.. Even back then, those kids around me(and many adults) could sense that I was very different, and not one of them... In was kind of a wierd prodigy as well, however, thats another story..
In elementary school, i didnt have friends, except one... And over the years, we became as brothers.. We went to the same classes, same teachers, same situations, both got in trouble equally, sometimes for the same things, sometimes for different things.. His name was Joseph, which just happens to be my Middle name! The Universe is strange.. We ended up both going to juvenile halls, and both getting in the same messes even many years after school..
I didnt realize that he was a "chad" because back then, terms like incels, chads, stacies, etc.. didnt exist.. But thats EXACTLY what he was.. Into our teen years, it was normal for him to have 2-3 or more girlfriends at the same time.. While I never even had one! This was back in the early 80s, and was a completely different time.. And probably a different earth! The really interesting thing is we both had completely different gifts, both mental and physical, but our abilities seemed to "compliment" each other.. Its almost like we were two halves of the same coin...
For example, He was the outgoing charmer, the jokester, the sweet talker, I was the introvert, philosophical, deep, and to myself.. He was the workout type of guy, muscular(later on as a teen) martial arts, considered himself a warrior type, I was more creative, not into fitness, and considered myself an "explorer" type instead.. He was the true ladies man and gigachad, blonde hair, blue eyes, smiled a lot, I was the intellect, dark, anti-social, and the opposite of him... But its interesting, later in life, we were both wandering america together homeless(he usually had women BUY him cars, so he rarely did it hardcore like me) and I NEVER drove in my life.. We were opposites in that as well.. However, we would appreciate a lot of the same things(when girls WEREN'T around.. I was the reader, novels, epics, etc.. and he would actually have me READ passages to him and we would both laugh at the same situations in those books(we were BOTH movies lovers as well).. So ultimately, he was chad, I was incel, before those terms even existed.. But yet we were closer then friends, we were basically blood brothers..
Yes, I would get mad and irritated that girls would never be into me, but almost ALWAYS into him.. And the funny thing is, he didnt understand it either.. He tried to "tutor" me sometimes as far as talking to girls, but could never understand why It never worked for me... Last time I saw him was in brunswick georgia in 1989... Ive been looking for him ever since.. For years ive been trying to find him using social media, because in this day and age, who DOESNT have email, or cant be found online somewhere? Especially if you have all their info, first and last name, exact age, birthday, etc.. I only a month ago found out Why hes never been on social media or even online.. Its sad, one of the things ive always looked forward to was finding him after all these years.. So, it turns out he DIED in his mid 20s! "accidental suіcіde" it was called.. He died of all things trying to impress a girl! putting a gun to his own head, believing the safety was on, and pulled the trigger just to "impress" her.. Ah, the influence of males trying to impress women eh? SO here I am, almost 50, and outlived by almost 30 years my blood brother who was a gigachad... Sorry for the book, but I felt like sharing... Interesting no? :cool:


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Prodigy of what?

Guess the moral of the story is don't listen to your dick and balls. My childhood friends are also dead, not literally but metaphorically speaking, it just feels awkward talking to them anymore, so its sort of like a death.


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yes, its SAD that I outlived him... His life was a LOT shorter, but at least it was FULL! Lucky bastard slept with a LOT of women!