Help me understand you


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Hi, so recently I been running into a lot of r/inceltears and I’ve seen some really nasty things but some of you, to me at least, seem like your just misunderstood on why you live this lifestyle. I’m a female and 18 years old, but I met an “incel” in school. I sat next to him and he seemed really kind and quiet. I tried to start a conversation since I saw he had a Nintendo switch and asked to play super smash bros since he was playing alone. He wasn’t hostile or mean like you guys are mostly described by others. He was really shy and kinda scared when I spoke to him. I was asking him why and that I was trying to be nice. He said “Females like you are just trying to hurt me but I won’t let you”. I felt bad he stood up and walked away, I was just wondering why? I want to know you more because you don’t seem like a bad community probably just really misunderstood and get a bad rep for being “women haters”. So far, you all seem to be really kind and just trying to fit in and this is your place, having other people just like you.


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LARPish to me because a "shy" guy wouldn't be likely to legit say things like this outloud and nintendo switch / hurt you are reddit forced memes.

The problem with the "understand incels" thing is that it implies we are all carbon copies of one another which is not true. There are usually many similarities, this is what you'd expect from members of a community, but situations of incels vary and so do their views on the blackpill and on the world. It's not like you can come up with a piece of code to fix a bug in a bunch of NPC.

Assuming no LARP, the guy might have been frustrated with social interaction before you and naturally escaped the interaction to prevent the disappointment from happening again. Not sure how legit this explanation is, but it's simple af.