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I am an 33 yo oldcel from amsterdam balding crooked teeth for which i dont have enough money to fix.
But even if i would have money no women would notice me because women/male interaction compliments go only 1 way.
I will die alone and childless and virgin.
Im already feeling old. I feel like a 90. Im always tired and feel horrible every minute of the day.
I cant comprehend how people getting older cope with this.
My father is more succesfull then me. He even looks better younger then me. Has already a new wife the second my mothere died. I dont understand it. He is a cuck and acts feminine. 4 years untill he retires then he is probably gonna live another 3 or 4 decades.
I feel im lied to. I have been used. I hate everyone that is around my fathers age. The so called babyboomers.
Im never gonna make it untill retirement a already feel like dieng. Need to go to work in a moment then get paid 70 euro so i can pay my rent that never stops.
If they just stopped writing of money of my account and leave me alone everything would be fine but society needs to ripp off this incel beta millenialls tax payers money to provide for the psychopathic narcisistic babyboomer generation so the can live forever and go on expensive vacations the rest of their lifes.
My 3 older sisters that raped and emotionslly abused me all have a partner and children.
Gotta go to work now cant believe this shit.


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Damn... Mogged by your OWN FATHER!!! Lifes a BITCH when your an INCEL!! And as an OLD INCEL, its a lot WORSE!!


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Well i only have to work 80 more days on this shity job i have till i can afford hair transplant and dentist.
Im already getting grey hairs so i wonder if its worth the money. Probsbly not because im never gonna find a women anyway.