Locally undesired.
Anyone else really hate headaches and don’t they just make you feel like blowing your brains out with a gun to stop the pain? Because I sure as hell feel that way about them. X(
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Locally undesired.
What cures headaches is: showers, Pοrn, outdoors activities

What gives headaches is: outdoors activities, incel, stress, indoors computermaxing
I get headaches if I over sleep, get overly stressed and when I ejaculate because I suffer from coital celphagia.


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Back to the headaches thing, I find that watching masculine movies where people are suffering gives me a headache. I am not a sexist. If males are suffering, it gives me a headache, same as if females are suffering also.

Males are people too. Modern people need to realize that the senseless violence in these kinds of movies is due to sexual stratification. Men will do anything for money, due to 80/20 rule. All of this violence and conflict is because males try to moneymax to escape incel. Actually, the whole plot of Scarface is because he is an incel trying to make a million dollars in order to get a girlfriend.

I strangely cannot turn away from gangster movies or action films. I find the conflict engaging, even though it gives me a headache. It is similar how COD gives me a headache, and yet I must keep continuing on playing more. Personally I prefer Blizzard games with the pretty and more natural colors.