Have you accepted that you'll never experience teen love?


That's H43RD. Mr H4Z3RD
Teen love is overrated nowadays. Nobody does the old school stuff
They have so many avenues for so much more. Why would they go back to old school when new school promises so much more in such a quick time?


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Used to be enthralled about the idea of young love, having a female childhood friend or a high school sweetheart to experience your first, but sadly I have yet to even been kissed or hug by a female


The Incel of Incels
I'd settle for having a second shot at my 20's. Fuck the teens. You survive them. If you don't have a drug problem, a criminal record or unwanted children consider yourself lucky. At any point in your life, you can date 5 years younger. It's not over until you've hit 23/24. You'll get a second wave of used trash in your late 30s that might be worth improving yourself for if there is anything left of your teenage libido. The only thing I would do if I could go back to highschool is make life easier for myself by choosing easier courses. Not like any girls talked to me or I had social skills. I regret not fucking the women I liked when I was 20.



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Teen girls want nothing but 1.90 cm blonde muscular guys, it's impossible to experience teen love nowadays unless you are really good looking. Even if you manage to get a girlfriend with sub 8/10 looks you won't do any of the romantic stuff and she will leave you at first chance for chad.


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You'll never know what it is like to have a make-out session with your teen girlfriend in your room while your parents are away. You'll never know what it is like to feel up a young and attractive body. The lack of teen love in your life will most likely haunt your existence forever. You'll never be a whole individual; there will be that missing feeling pricking at the bottom of your heart.
You didn't add you 'll never experience what snuggling and cuddling inna dinghy theatre is...