Have you accepted that you'll never experience teen love?


Brazilian sexual marxist and anti aoc advocate
You'll never know what it is like to have a make-out session with your teen girlfriend in your room while your parents are away. You'll never know what it is like to feel up a young and attractive body. The lack of teen love in your life will most likely haunt your existence forever. You'll never be a whole individual; there will be that missing feeling pricking at the bottom of your heart.


I've accepted it but I won't be traumatised by it or whatever, one who has attaine mukti no longer has any vasanas, no more desires or bleeding wounds of the mind.
I'm gucci - to and extent.


EteRnal Evil.
Yes. I'm about to reach the age when it's "creepy" to go for new foids, so even if I were to "ascend" with a non-zero mileage foid it couldn't be the same. So why bother?