Have faith.


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Lately it feels like my arteries are getting smaller. My blood circulation is terrible. They will probably tell me to boost my T. But my T has been high lately and it hasn't cured me. Then they will tell me to boost my E, soymax, and "just relax". Yet that won't cure me either. Only thing that will cure my arteries is getting a girlfriend.

I realized that small arteries, is a metaphor for ultra-modern fonts that are very thin. And I realize I should have faith in the ultra-moderns, after a dream.

In the dream I was at church once more. I was wearing colourful clothing that I liked the style of. But I had hairy legs. Then a bunch of hot, tall girls walking down the hall. It was exactly the same as real life. Felt incel, no confidence, anger and fear that i was unworthy and sexually oppressed, and knowing I'd get rejected. I let the girls walk by me, without saying a word. Then the anger and bitterness began to rise in me, just like real life.

What happened in my mind was:
1. Oh gosh, my legs are hairy. What if they prefer shaved legs? (And if I had shaved my legs, it would be the opposite. Oh gosh, what if they think I'm a fаg for shaving my legs. No way to win.)
2. Oh gosh, do they like my outfit? (Males are told at an early age they aren't allowed to wear nice outfits. They are told they have to dress like ghetto thugs and are fags for dressing outside the norm.)

Furthermore, women's sexuality seems random. It''s like anyone can point out if a girl is hot or not, and both men and women agree on what is a hot girl. But women always disagree on men, some crave beards others hate beards, for instance. So males are catering to an incoherent sexuality, how can you have confidence when someone's sexuality is undefined and incoherent, it would be like walking in a dark forest with no map. Hot girls have confidence because hot girls are universal and mathematically defined.

But basically, the higher E women get the more empathy they get, theoretically. This doesn't seem to be happening, despite society undergoing feminization. But I think eventually it will catch and eventually women will start to develop empathy. N. Tesla states the feminine woman is a nurturing creature of empathy. Society will reach feminization to a point where women actually become feminine again.