Have any of you, ever been in love?


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Well many times

Second grade : got rejected and I okay with it
Highschool : I fall in love two . The first one I call F (not a real name ) . F is best student both athletically and education . Before I could write a love letter she accused my for stalking her and her friend and tools some pictures of them . It's makes me really pissed because I have crushed for someone but I still have some morals . Second , her name is k (not a real name ) . K is perfect , she pious , femanine and can speak perfect English . To bad she already married before I met her .


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once at 15 i dated this girl for like a week until she ran off with a huge 17 yr old black kid on the wrestling team. only time in my life i actually felt happy even though i was going through a horrible time i just got back from 7 months in juvie and was still grieving my brother, but at first i felt wanted i felt important my whole life i felt so subhuman i felt i didnt deserve love or happiness and that was out of the picture for the way i was born. but besides that the most love ive ever gotten was trying to impress girls and fantasising about impressing them, i loved alot of girls that probably never thought of me or hated me.