Harry Potter is a bluepilled beta wuss.


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Harry Potter is a boring character despite being the only member of his family to survive Lord Voldemort's killing curse. His father was a Chad and his mother a Stacy both of whom had powerful connections in the wizarding world. So, Harry had fame, wealth and status. And in spite of those advantages, it took him 18 years to have his first kiss. He spent his entire stay at Hogwarts orbiting Hermione and letting her save his ass. That's a shame. It's like Rowling did everything she could to dumb down her main character. Harry has no depth. He always relied on other people to risk their lives for him. Snape was the only strong male character, but at the end of the series, Rowling decided to butcher him by saying that he was only an angry loner who had been bullied by Harry's father while secretly in love with Lily ( Harry's mother).

Harry Potter is a character who waited until he turned 18 have his first kiss even though he had had plenty of opportunities. He relied on others until the very end. It's like J.K Rowling was writing about her model of an ideal male: weak, dependent and insecure. In Rowling's twisted SJW mind that's what men are supposed to be like.


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Harry Potter was blue pill garbage, like a disgusting fairy tale made into a movie...i cannot belive that garbage was so overrated in the early 2000s...


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I remember when i was in school, the girl that i liked was obsessed with Harry Gayter. It was rage inducing.

Now... those days are lost in the past.


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I enjoyed the books when I was in high school. The relationship aspects annoyed back then but the lore and just experiencing the life of a wizard as Harry Potter wasn't bad at all. Still preferred LOTR but I don't regret reading the books.

The movies OTOH are ѕhit after Chamber of Secrets(2nd movie).


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The first movies were the best of the bunch, along with the games that came out.
I watched it for the whole mystical scenario and the childhood effect, it works.
The first games have good progression, and are very simple to play.

I enjoy it, when its Christmas i play a few Harry Potter games, and watch a few of its movies.
Its a good peaceful time.

The later ones started to suck.