Happy Day of Retribution!


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I wanted to celebrate with a vanilla latte but I couldn’t find one so I just bought this. I have no idea when it comes to coffees and ѕhit like that. Also bought a few red bulls.
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RIP Ellіot Rodger. Cheers to his memory!
.RIP the supreme gentleman..I wouldn't have an identity in this world if it was not because of him..I related to him before I was even aware of what an incel is

Saint Mentalcel

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Saint Mentalcel said:
Hahaha, everyone's doing ER ѕhit on this day but me. I spoke my tribute to the supreme gentleman and is just going on like any other ordinary day now since there's nothing else.
our ordinary days is what makes us related to ER's soul...every fuсking day is a nightmare
Well, not exactly too similar. ER had better activity in his life than I do. ѕhit, I haven't even left the house for literally 2 months... Sucks having no car at the moment.


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Be careful lol space that out people have died from drinking too coffee and energy drinks in a day
Lel dw this is just the stuff I bought. I’m only having one a day. I wanted to buy cigarettes as well but the store owner asked for ID but I didn’t have any on me. I can’t even LDAR in peace without society getting in the way lol.