Halo effect when it comes to accents


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Don't you think it's stupid when people say "his/her accent is so sexy"? Why can't people realize that accents don't mean shit? If you're good looking and have a sexy voice you will sound sexy in any language you speak. If you're ugly and your voice sounds like shit no one's gonna think you have a sexy accent.


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My native language sounds like shit regardless of accent. So, the accentpill doesn't apply to me.


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I hear the complete opposite. On a morning radio show some grammar nazi foid said she will not go out with anyone with a accent and cannot complete a proper sentence. My translation, racist foid will not go out if ethnic dude.


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even when I speak in my native language people can not understand very well , they say my voice sound weird and it is like I am holding an egg in my mouth or using a ball gag
when i speak english it is worse , nobody can understand anything i say , this is one of the reason I don't do voice chats , the other reason is because I don't have a mic.