Had a weird dream


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Had a weird dream I was in bed with a tranny and we were naked. The woman in me was liking them having a dick, but the man in me was afraid and uncomfortable. Eventually, the woman in me won the battle, and I became comfortable with it. I sensed they were deeply in love me and wanted to marry me for real. The thoughts going through my head were this: "This is nice for a fling, but I am afraid of getting married because, they have a dick, and I will always be low status and my friends will look down on me if I marry a tranny." Also, I started to become afraid of STDs and deeply afraid of their fluids entering my butt.

Then, next thing you know, they magically transformed into an instathot. Next thing you know, I was having sex with an actual cis instathot. She was was everything you'd want an instathot to be: Charming, witty, smart, petite, sexy, and most importantly, geniunely feminine, caring, and loving. I felt a very real connection, like here was a girl who geniunely loved me and wanted to be with me. It felt like ascencion. The thoughts in my head were "Wow. Now I am finally "cool". I can proudly marry this girl. I can marry her and feel love the rest of my life, and have people look up to me for not being a pathetic loser." I felt genuine pride and happiness and satisfaction like my life was on the right track. Then she says she needs to go get her makeup one of the items she left outside in her car. I say ok. Then 5 minutes go by. She is not there. I go outside and she is gone. She just dumped and ghosted me with no explanation, just like real life. They are so fake and pretend they love you then out of the blue dump you, they probably enjoy breaking your heart on purpose.
My dream was blackpilled and based.