Had a dream I was chad.


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In the dream it was like a future utopia. It was a city full of mostly black people, but it wasn't trashy or ghetto like most black cities. Instead, the vibe of the city was like Japanese or a nice futuristic campus. It wasn't a futuristic dystopia like Cyberpunk 2077.

I was on Universal Basic Income, and I had a very large and long apartment. There was a black homeless man in my apartment. But he wasn't smelly or dirty, he was civilized and clean. I guess he was homeless because even on Universal Basic Income, one can acquire debt, from say sucker things like going to get an edumacation.

In the dream I was not black but most of the city was. And actually I was sitting at the table eating an Asian meal. And there was 3 black girls. And I was chad. And the girls were lusting for me, but even as Chad it felt fickle. For instance, one of the girls had to go to the bathroom, so I wanted to talk science to the homeless black guy. So I asked for his phone number to add to my contacts. But I was paranoid people would assume I was gay, and in reality I was not interested in him sexually like that. But that is what I mean. The girls felt judgey and even as Chad I did not feel comfortable. So she came out seeing him writing his number down. It was so awkward but I had to play it off cool. I was paranoid in her stupid, childish mind she'd think I was gay when my only goal was actually to fuck her.

It was like this the whole dream. I was afraid to tell any of these girls my hobbies, such as liking anime or building things. I had to be constantly charming like Roger Moore on the Saint. It was really stressful and not cool. Every piece of furniture or item in my house I was afraid the girls would microanalyze and leave me over. And the girls were really catty and fighting over me. So I was afraid to pick one or else they would rage and fight each other and then I would have none of them. So I had to act like a politician and never say anything that might potentially upset them at all. It felt like walking on eggshells. Eventually I thought of the clever plan of having sex with all 3 at the same time.

I still don't consider it ascension because the dream was not totally lucid and the sex didn't feel that real to me.