Guy shoves a woman off the bus after she spits on him


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Two passengers were in what seems to be an altercation. The guy called her "Disgusting". The woman spat on him (during a pandemic!). Then he angrily got up and pushed out of the bus,

What's annoying is that after the guy pushed her, another woman said "What's wrong with you?".
LOL. Where were you when the dude was assaulted first?

Alternate link for the video:
Mysoginistic prick. You don't do that to helpless, innocent women.

I will report this post to the head administrator of this site. Women are all queens and they deserve to be treated such. Yikes. No discuss.

Yeez, what a day it is. Unbelievable. Guess I'm going back to watch the latest Star Wars episode with my wife that I voluntarily share with a pakistani refugee I freely house under my roof. (I'm what you incels call a Chad by the way, you can learn from me.)


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Unfortunately the man will be charged with aggravated assault...what he should have done was get the bus driver as a witness and dial 911.