guess ill share as well


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hiya so yeah im new here and i figure ill share as well ! so ive just turned 30 have never had sex, have never kissed a girl, although i did sorta kinda have a GF for a minute ! so in august 2007 i was in 10th grade (high school sophomore) and then as now i am a gamer and a weeb now my best friend had broken up with this girl like the first day of august well all i knew was that they were going out i had no idea they had broken up before she asked me out ! well having had that happen i immediately went and found my friend im not gonna put him out there like that so well call him john anyway he told me to go ahead and go out with her so i was like "yeah cool ill do that" well to skip over a few boring details bioshock for the Xbox 360 was due to come out about 2 days after he asked me out so i told her to come hang out after school and wed play some bioshock to which she agreed well i guess the wrench in the plan was that john had been living with me for about a month at this point due to the mental strain being put upon his family by his mothers passing so anyway she comes over and me and her and john go to my bedroom and i pop bioshock in after offering to let john take the first go he refuses and without skipping a beat i pop bioshock in and begin playing well i played for about 3 hours until the my friends ex has to go so we walk her outside and her mom gets her so me and john go back inside and start to play more bioshock well after an hour or so john turns to me and confesses that the whole time i had been playing he had been finger banging this chick on MY BED ! so on top of being a bit of a social outcast for being an otaku-weeb/gamer im now a laughing stock well i pretty much gave up after that and a few months later dropped out of high school altogether fast forward a few years and i lost enough weight through dieting to join the us army unfortunately i got diagnosed with depression and anxiety in the 4th week of basic training and thrown out so yay LIFE. FUCKING.SUCKS and ever since then ive been so depressed and hate-filled that ive even considered (and even came close once to trying) suіcіde !