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Being IGNORED my whole life by girls, or when they are Flirting with another guy near me on the street, when they actually SEE me they get a BLANK look instantly covering their face, like I DONT EXIST!! Even worse, all the looks of DISGUST I get from women in grocery stores, etc.. and I dont even TALK to them, just when they see me walking! Its RIDICULOUS!! If I could become a TOTAL Hermit and never have to leave my house, I WOULD..
I'm sorry you deal with that. Have you ever considered that you might be, like, imagining looks of disgust? When I was at my darkest place and very, VERY insecure (I had body dysmorphia), Ithought that everyone was looking ar me disgustedly, talking about me, laughing at me.

Based on the way some incels talk about themselves and their bodies, I wonder if they have body dysmorphia. It's a fairly common anxiety disorder where you pinpoint certain features of your face/body and blow WAY out of proportion how ugly those features are


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I imagine there's not much I can say to the incels on here about their ideaology that they haven't already heard and convinced themselves is untrue. So I won't be preaching anything, but I do have some questions:

Obviously, a lot of incels are extremely sensitive people. Of the red and black pilled dudes who have opened up to me a bit, I've noticed that many of them cite one tiny, seemingly insignificant incidence in their lives that made them feel the way they do about women and about themselves. The most recent example I heard is, "A girl ran away from me once on the playground in elementary school."

And I just couldn't wrap my head around how that could make a person red/blackpilled. What are some of the most significant moments in your life that led up to you believing in your current ideaology? Thanks in advance to anyone who shares.
No its not one piece of anecdotal evidence. Women have rejected/ghosted me multiple times. And the only time they are even interested is when I run alpha game and I can't be the real shy me. And even when I run alpha game I still get ghosted anyway. It feels like a tyranny where I'm not allowed to be happy.