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I am who I am and I can be no other
"I don't know what to tell you. You're probably just fuсked. Probably just totally fuсked for life and you were probably fuсked from the day you were born" - Eggman


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"Do you think that women understand what it's like to be a man?"

"Not at all. No clue, no idea" - Norah Vincent, leѕbian who lived as a man for over a year, ultimately reverting to female after learning the advantages of Female Privilege
im surprised abc allowed this since it destroys the blue pill narrative of male priviledge


MAD as a Hatter!
:cool: "sometimes a Majority vote simply means that all the FOOLS are on the same side"... Heard this in the early 80s..


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""I'm going to friendzone this nice guy and then wonder why there are no good men left in the world." Female logic in a nutshell." - Bailey Chasteen

"Women can't find the Good guys, because they're looking for bad boys." - Muglintar


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"Ughhh nice guys are just entitled and boring" -Stacy, after Chad fucked her like a whore and left her after giving him 10 children


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Quotes from the followers and, as you know him, Ben.
"Those born after 1998, are not bad Per Se, but are to be treated with caution." - l'omu Bonu (Ben)
"Men and women are to be treated equally in Harrisonism, if the are believers that is a good thing, if not, you know the protocol." -I'omu Bonu
"My life was a wreck, I am thankful everyday I left it and joined the Church Of Harrisonism."- Maria Hernandez (Member)
"It may seem harsh that I'omu Bonu does not allow does not let members of our church leave once they join, but if they wanted to leave they would have needed to be recycled anyway." -James Smith (Member)