Going to the mall is ragefuel


So I went to the mall today for the first time in three years to hang out with my mom, looking at all the stacies makes you just want to go up and grab their ass, but if you do they'll overreact and act like it's the end of the world, malls are no place for incels.


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I relate,when I go to malls,there are filled with teenage girls and guys and those youth .filled with foids and chads.most of the guy there have a girl with them maybe that girl would be their lover,their cousin,their friend.whatever all those guys managed to get a girl in his pocket.when I go there I just share at the girls from the top floor.
Because I can see all the girls from the top floor.and then I look at them like I want to eat them.but after sometime I understand my hunger makes no sense that I am an incel and I don't have any chance getting a girl.even if i stand there for a Month .so based on that realisation I slowly comeout of the mall.when I am coming out there will be New foids and chads entering the mall full of excitement.that too make me melt and I nearly feel to cry.and then I swipe the years and goti nearest busstation to pick a bus and go to my house because I feel so uncomfortable with this emotions.
I know it's over but sometimes there will be situation where out friends or family force is into this places.
Malls are entirely made for people which are chads and chadlites.atleast you want to be a high tier normie to enter there.for the rest of us a tease.

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I'm feeling eager to try some Shotgun Mouthwash...
Saint Mentalcel said:
I try to stay well clear of malls, my mother is the one that forces me to go even when i give off signs that i don't want to. This fuсking world is pushing me to the brink, man...
thE bRink of what?
Timothy McVeigh's day of retribution


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Cant remember the last time I went to a mall. Most things I just order online, so it comes straight to the door.